The Many Benefits of Soft Washing

It’s normal to clean the inside of your home on a regular basis, but what about your home’s exterior? Soft washing involves using specialized cleaning solutions at a low pressure to the exterior of your home and then gently rinsing away the contaminants with clean water. Power  washing often causes damage due to high pressure while soft washing in the hands of an expert will eliminate any damage to your house and help it remain clean for a longer period of time. Another benefit of soft washing is the fact screens will not need to be removed and there is little risk to windows and seals. It is in the best interest to your house and family to perform a soft wash on a regular basis.

Health Benefits of Soft Washing

This will be a benefit for your family’s health and safety. The biggest benefit of soft washing is the elimination of mold, mildew and dirt. It is commonly known that mildew and mold can cause respiratory complications and allergic reactions. Some recent publications have indicated mold and mildew are being linked to depression and nervous disorders.

Prevent Long-Term Damage

Having your house cleaned professionally by soft washing will help prevent long-term damage and help reduce pricey repairs. Our propriety cleaning solution removes those stuff stain and bacterial growth for an extended time period. We advise all our clients to have this process done without delay, as it can help prevent more costly repairs down the road.

Pest Control

Another benefit to your home and family that derives from soft washing is that the process removes the breeding grounds that attract insects and rodents. Our cleaning solution destroys many of these at the molecular level which allows your house to stay cleaner and less attractive to unwanted critters.