Power Washing For Commercial Properties

Power washing is often the most effective way to clean your commercial property. The advantage of keeping your storefront, office building, or shop looking clean is that it will ad curb appeal and attract more customers to your business. Customers are far less likely to be attracted to a dirty, rundown building. For exterior cleaning power washing is commonly the first choice a professional cleaner will use on commercial properties.

Power Washing For Mold Prevention

Power washing is very effective for eliminating any mold growth on concrete, brick, and vinyl exterior surfaces of a building. A professional cleaning will also deter growth for some time. If your attention is to put a fresh coat of paint on your building the best way to prime the surface before you paint is to power wash it. Power washing gets into every nook and cranny and removes any mold, mildew and dirt from the surface

Power Washing Friendly To The Environment

Our proprietary solution is eco-friendly and is safe for people and pets (for you veterinarians). At Precision Line Window Washing we take pride in our stance to use non-toxic solutions as much as possible. The techniques and power washing solutions we use also protect landscaping near the surfaces of the buildings.

Power Washing Is A Time Saver

Not only can power washing save time, it is also a matter of safety when you can eliminate the use of ladders and scaffolding to achieve the same outcome. And let’s not forget to mention the elbow grease often needed to get those stubborn stains out. In addition to the safety benefits power washing can add additional property value to your building according to Consumer Reports.

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